Frequently asked questions

What is Spectra Shot™?
A high quality shotgun shell with coated colored pellets used to shoot skeet, waterfowl, and small game.

Can Spectra Shot™ work with my aftermarket choke?

Yes, we have tested multiple after market chokes, and they all work fine.

Will the coated pellets damage my barrel?
No, the shot stays in the wad throughout travel within the barrel.

Is the coated shot harmful to eat?
No. But we wouldn’t suggest eating it.

How do I become a dealer/distributor?
Please see the distributor’s link or contact our corporate office.

Is Spectra Shot™ waterproof?
No. However it is water resistant.

Is Spectra Shot offered in any additional gauges?
Yes. Spectra Shot is also offered in a 28Ga shell. Please refer to our "Dealer Locator" to find a Spectra Shot Dealer near you that stocks this gauge.

Can I create a signature color for my team or company?
Yes, but it requires a minimum order. Please contact our corporate headquarters.

Why should you use Spectra Shot™ even if hunting alone?
The patent pending color in Spectra Shot™ can make it easier to find the shot left in game, assisting in its removal.